Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NASW CE 11/17


Please join us as we wrap up our 2006 CE program year with a two-part
program for November and December. On November 17th from 12:00-1:00 PM at
Coliseum Psychiatric Center there will be a presentation of the PBS
Documentary "Out of the Shadow" the story of a family's struggle to deal
with their mother's schizophrenia. On December 15th there will be a
discussion of the video, the book "Saving Willie" which is one of the
daughter's account of life with a schizophrenic mother and advocacy options.

Please call 994-0110 by 8:00 PM, November 15th and 8:00 PM December 13th to
reserve a space or space and lunch.

We need volunteers to serve on an Education Committee to plan the programs
for 2007.

To cut down on mailing expense, please provide a telephone number, an E-Mail
address or several self addressed stamped envelopes so we may continue to
notify you of CE events.

If your job, distance or lack of interest prohibits you from taking part in
CE events, please notify us so we can take your name off the local mailing
list for monthly CE events.

We will still send all members notice of five hour Ethics Programs.

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