Thursday, March 22, 2007

Benefit for the Dripdrop Cafe, March 25, 4-7PM

I received this from a friend about a neat place run by a woman who was in the social work field. If you can support this event or this place of business, please do.




From: Ronnda Cadle
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 1:58 PM
Subject: PLEASE READ - Benefit for Dripdrop Cafe- Warner Robins

Hello Everyone,

This is a subject that is very dear to my heart so please read further...

For the past year I have been going every Friday to the Dripdrop Cafe in Warner Robins, one of the few venues that would let me even walk in the doors, as an instrumental guitarist and unknown act. This venue and the support of Cassandra Crosby(owner) has helped me gain experience and shape me into a performer.

Her shop not only offers live music but supports a bunch of things that drive a community. The Dripdrop provides a safe non-smoking environment for people of all ages, and is the only under age venue in the area.

It is a joy for me to go and perform at her space, gain experience and open minds to my style of music. And I really hate to see it go, so I am helping with the fight to keep it open, meaning we are putting on a benefit show for the Dripdrop to stay open.

Time is of the essence here and we just have determined our venue--- so I hope you will come out and support this cause and see and hear some great music from some well known folks as well as some kids that get to play the shop.

If you can't make it or may know someone in the area, please pass this email along. We have little time to promote and again, time is not on our side.

The Dripdrop Cafe has been experienceing difficulties due to the closing of a gate on the Air Force Base. This has nothing to do with bad business at all. The gate was closed for several months and three other businesses went under during that time that live on lunch crowds... The gate has reopened but we need that extra push... and without it, the doors WILL most likely close.

This is an urgent matter as to why we are moving in such short time...

Please help keep this space for MUSIC, CULTURE AND DIVERSITY open, this is an UNCONDITIONAL venue who opens it's arms to ALL people and GROUPS. A true meaning of what community is and should be. One of the points I wish to stress is the multigenerational audience, how often do you see teens hanging out with 40,50,60+ at a live music show and actually communicating with each other?

OK... the details.. and more TBA

Sunday March 25th
The Little Perry Theater
909 Main St.
Perry GA 31069
$10 cover

Artists to perform -
Josh Graff and Co, Ronnda Cadle and others TBA

more info on the dripdrop @ ---

Ronnda Cadle
Acoustic Instrumentalist
PO Box 185
Decatur, GA 30031

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