Thursday, August 09, 2007

Caregiving Event, opportunity to have booths for your service, October 30

Houston Healthcare along with several other agencies is hosting a workshop to support and provide education for persons caring for others with disabilities. The workshop targets caregivers and is called The Amazing Pace.

The workshop will be on October 30 at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Warner Robins.

Part of the agenda will include a panel of professionals who will discuss their agency information and then answer questions.

The panel is going to include:
Julie Hall- Middle Georgia Regional Development Center
Area Agency on Aging-Georgia Cares Program- discuss this program and services
Tim Quigley- Social Security Administration- discuss social security for persons with disabilities
Joe Claxton- Mercer University School of Law- discuss laws relating to persons with disabilities
Houston County Sheriff's Department: Discuss ways parents can control a child with disabilities that has become stronger than they are, or keeping persons with disabilities from committing petty crimes, what the Sheriff's Department will do if a person with disabilities is arrested

We will also have a panel of parents as well as other speakers.
The workshop will also include booths with information to target caregivers of persons with any type of disability. The booths need to share local resources for persons with disabilities. If you would like to provide information on resources, please let me or Thaina Brown-Brake know as soon as possible.

If you know of some local resources for persons with any type disability please send me that contact information.


Beth Jones RNC
Director of Community Education and Services
Houston Healthcare
(478) 988-1891 (office)

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